Problems resizing photos for print in the newest version of Pixelmator pro

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2019-12-27 13:32:17

Hello! This is what happens when I try to resize an image for print...

I open a photo in Pixelmator Pro
I click to change the size.
I want to use it for print.
The original size is 16,43in x 10,88in.
In pixels the original size is 4928x3264.
Resolution is 118,11.
I change the size to the needed 5,91inx3,91in.
I change the resolution to 300.
I choose the Lanczos algorithm.
The ML Super Resolution is impractical because it takes ages to finish although I have a one year old iMac, processor 3,6 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
Memory 32Gb,
Graphics Radeon Pro 560 4Gb.
Now I click OK.
I check the size. 5,91inx3.91in. Good!
BUT now the resolution is not 300, it is 762…
The pixel size is 11439x7576.
This makes the image super large on my screen!
I export it to PSD, file size is 480Mb! I almost faint!

Has Pixelmator Pro or I gone crazy after the latest update? The software was perfect when it came to size changing before the new update. And ML Super Resolution changes me into a huge question mark. I don’t understand it at all. It takes a huge time, it makes the pixel size of the images huge, it changes the resolution of the image hugely (762 and can’t be changed), exporting the images makes them huge when it comes to weight!

I understand nothing now! What has happened after the latest update? Me crazy, Pixelmator Pro crazy? I don’t know? Do you?

Now I will do the same procedure in Affinity Photo.

I open an image in Affinity Photo.
I click Document, Resize document.
I want to use it for print.
The original size is 16,43in x 10,93in.
In pixels the original size is 4948x3280.
Resolution is 300.
I change the size to the needed 8,268inx5,481in.
The image is still at 300 DPI.
I choose the Lanczos algorithm (non-separable).
I click Resize.
The image keeps its decided print size of 8,268inx3280in.
The Pixel size is now 2480x1644.
I export it to PSD, file size is 23Mb.
I open the image in Affinity Photo.
The size is correct.
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2020-01-02 13:39:08

Hi there, we made some changes to image resizing, making everything a little more similar to the PS way, where changing resolution with pixels also changes the pixel dimensions. But clearly something isn't working quite correctly here — we'll look into it!
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2020-01-02 13:51:57

Hello Andrius and thank you for your answer!

Happy New Decade to you, your team and, of course, to Pixelmator Pro!

Yes, something is not working correctly when it comes to resizing. Changing pixels for web images is OK. In those cases one does not have to consider DPI. But as soon as one needs to work in Centimetres or Inches and change the DPI to a higher value, there is a problem and the problem makes it impossible, in these cases, to use Pixelmator Pro, which is disturbing as I want Pixelmator Pro to be my photo editor at 100%.

Good luck with this!
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2020-01-02 14:06:58


I have tried changing an image now and it seems to be working now!

When I opened an image, changed the size into centimetres and the DPI to 300, the pixel size was OK!

You must have done something here, as you mentioned! Good! VERY GOOD!!

It now seems that I will be able to use Pixelmator Pro the way I want!!

Good beginning of the Decade!