after converting text into a shape-choosing a different color for each letter???

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2020-01-03 03:14:14

Maybe I'm missing it but I don't see how after changing text to a shape you can't change each individual letter into a different color. When I select one letter it changes the whole word into the same color. If this isn't possible I would like to put that into a request for your update. If it is possible can you explain.

Thank you!
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2020-01-03 11:35:22

It is possible, though you'd first need to move each individual letter out of the shape group — you can do this by dragging and dropping them above the group after you convert the text into a shape. If they're in one group, the group is styled as a single unit.
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2020-01-03 14:09:27

Thanks Andrius. I appreciate your quick response.
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2020-01-03 14:18:46

Hmmmm. Just tried it though and no matter where I drag the letter even off the canvas every letter changes colors.
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2020-01-03 16:24:03

Hi Marcia.

Not move on the canvas, move in the layers panel, like this:


Hope that helps.

- Stef.
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2020-01-03 16:34:14

Got it. Thank you!