RAW file support for Olympus EM-5 Mark III

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2020-01-12 14:11:41

I bought the application for RAW process. However, I changed to the new camera body. There is no support for EM-5 Mark III so far. Could I know the schedule for this RAW support? I have to use the Adobe DNG converter at the moment. Please let me know your plan. Thanks.
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2020-01-13 13:41:55

Hey there, for basic RAW decoding, we use the Apple API in macOS/iOS, so support would need to be added there — once that's available, Pixelmator Pro will automatically be able to open and edit those RAW files. I don't know exactly how frequently support is added for new camera models, but it usually comes with point updates to macOS or RAW compatibility updates.

P.S. You can find the full list of supported models here: