Circular Wrap Image Effect

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-02-11 15:16:03

There are a few image effects that I used before upgrading to Pixelmator Pro which don't seem to be in the upgraded version, and the one I miss most is Circular Wrap. I used it to great effect while creating a piece of art once, and I'd like to keep experimenting with it. Have I failed to find it? If it's not here, will it eventually be available?
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2020-02-12 08:53:09

That effect isn't currently in Pixelmator Pro but I think it shouldn't be too difficult to add it. I've passed your request on to the devs and we'll consider it!

By the way, what other effects would you like to see from the original Pixelmator?
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2020-03-02 02:46:53

None in particular come to mind. Thank you for passing on my request to bring back the circular wrap effect.
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2020-03-02 12:35:08

No problem!