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What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-03-05 16:59:30

I'm a recent user of Pixelmator Pro and I have found one of the things I need most is not really implemented.

I use to employ Photoshop to make clipping paths around images, from vector selections drawn point by point. Then export the image with the path, into a page-layout app where I could select the clipping path or not, and it was editable within the page-layout app. With Pixelmator Pro it seems all I can do is export the masked image as a cutout. The problem with this is that sometimes it is necessary to edit the clipping path for some reason or another, without taking it back to Pixelmator. Or the client decides they want the whole image and not the cutout (grrrrrr, clients, eh?). Or the mask is too ragged.

Today I struggled in Pixelmator Pro to make a simple perspective adjustment to a rectangular sign then make a clipping path to use in QuarkXpress. It could just as easily be inDesign or Affinity. In the end I fired up Photoshop 5 on an old Mac running screenlessly across our LAN. It was a matter of minutes to do both the transformation and clipping path.

It was so easy I wondered why I have bought Pixelmator – then remembered ML enhance which is as good or better with one click than Photoshop is using all my tricks with curves and screens.
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2020-03-06 15:19:53

Feature request noted! Thanks for sharing it.