Shorter, more compact and concise list of keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts to display short cuts?

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-05-09 19:11:24

Help is very good on Pixelmator Pro, I love that it shows the menu location for the desired feature. But often I just want to know the keyboard shortcut for something I know is there. The seven page document on your website is helpful but voluminous. From a couple of generations ago, you may remember, I made a more brief, concise kbd shortcut PDF which has been useful to me. Recently I automated ( service and terminal ) calling up that list. I made a movie of that action, below. It could be a nice if PP had a shorter list. ...
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2020-05-11 14:06:55

Just to clarify, would you like the most basic/important shortcuts on a one-page (more or less) document/poster?

And by 7-page document, is this the one you're referring to: ... rtcuts.pdf

So you'd like something much more concise than this, is that right?
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2020-05-11 14:07:35

Oh, and one more thing (and this might be a long shot) are there any shortcuts in particular that you usually tend to forget?
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2020-05-11 15:26:24

Thanks Andrius.

No, what you referenced above was a Pixelmator kbd shortcuts file. ( I admit I have not used plain Pixelmator since PixPro came out) Not the same as the 7 page PDF I made from your online Pixelmator Pro kbd shortcuts at ; I printed it to PDF. My plan was to compare it to my complete, now old, 2 page PixPro kbd shortcuts as seen in that little movie I sent.

No, there was no particular short cuts in I forget. The problem is I have not used all the shortcuts and I would like to learn them. I know if there is a mousing method there is likely (often) a kbd shortcut method. I pretty much know the mouse selections for what I commonly use, and would like to learn the kbd shortcuts for quicker tool transitions etc.
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2020-05-12 12:29:40

Ohhhh, now I get it, got a little confused there — I thought we had made a multi-page keyboard shortcut file for Pixelmator Pro, but the original Pixelmator one was the only one I could remember. Now everything makes sense. OK, this gives me some ideas for the best way to make this happen.