AI colorization for black and white photos

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-09-04 03:15:41

This would be an incredible feature. I don't think there's any Photos app plugin that offers this, and it seems like a great fit for Pixelmator Pro
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2020-09-04 11:44:59

Interesting idea – I think it's been suggested before and, although it isn't in our plans, we can keep it in mind!
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2020-09-06 04:19:05

Thank you, Andrius!
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2021-02-27 05:19:20

I just discovered MyHeritage's amazing AI-based auto-colorize tool:
It is incredible. I would gladly pay for an upgrade to Pixelmator Pro to have that built-in so I don't have to upload my photos to another site!
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2021-03-21 19:52:18

This is a great idea and I hope they pick it up. Do the ML locally! Not on a server! You can do it Pixelmator.