ML Sharpening

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2021-03-26 18:37:32

I believe that a major selling point of Pixelmator is the ML tools included (Super Resolution, Enhance, Denoise, Match Colors). But with Photoshop recently supporting Super Resolution too, I think ML Sharpening in Pixelmator would be a welcome change.

For example, Topaz has a image sharpener that works great:
I think having the same functionality in Pixelmator is absolutely needed.
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2021-03-27 07:20:23

I like that a lot
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2021-03-31 11:09:09

ML Sharpening is definitely something we've thought about and experimented with but the feature is currently put on hold as a few other things take priority. Perhaps we'll return to it one day!