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2021-07-21 10:07:02

The program is evolving nicely, with many good features, but a few small but important things can be very inconvenient and confusing.

If you lose focus on a layer (when you don't see the selection frame), the settings will already apply to the new shape or text created in the future.This would be fine if it was clearly indicated which mode it was in, or what was currently selected.

In any case, there should be a shortcut button to bring the current layer back into focus. Right now I can only do this by selecting a new layer and then selecting the previous one again. It would also make it better if the layer could be double-clicked to re-select-focus.

Even if I switch between two shapes, it doesn't always show the current colors. (if the PEN tool is in use ) - this can be terribly confusing.

I've previously asked for a Make editable shortcut, or some other way to use this function. Context menu in the left layer list. It's also annoying that exiting the mode with Esc drops the focus, and you can't get back into Edit mode again. Here it should be that the first Esc only exits the mode, and the second one throws the focus.

Lots of good stuff has been added to the program, but it basically defines the user experience. As well as the fact that you still have to start the scripts from a separate program, that there is no option to change the center point when rotating. You cannot resize multiple selected layers at once, you always have to put them in groups. And its super annoying that it's always in snap mode, you always have to press an extra button to stop it from jumping around unnecessarily.

These would be really nice to fix now, I've been using the program for work for several years now, I love it, but because of these I still can't use it effectively.

I hope that now they are not just promises that they will be fixed one day.
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2021-07-27 11:33:02

perhaps we can hope for an answer ?
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2021-07-27 12:03:37

Sorry for the delayed reply and thanks for the detailed and very thought-through feedback. First, some good news I've learned today — we'll be fixing the selection drop issue when exiting the shape editing mode in the next Pixelmator Pro update. Entering the editing mode was made possible a bit earlier. You can do that by pressing the Return key when you have the shape selected. As for the other points mentioned — I can't promise all of them will make it to Pixelmator Pro but we'll do our best to take your feedback into consideration in future updates.
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2021-07-27 16:28:22

I am very hopeful ! I am a programmer, but I use this program a lot for my daily work. I've come to love it, I don't want to use PS or anything else, but it's the kind of problem I can't get used to or get around.

I thank you for your reply, I was not aware of the return-key solution. Why are they not written down or indicated next to the function names ?
It is usual that the shortcut is indicated, either at the icon tooltip or in the menu. (many have it, but like this one, it is missing)
The main buttons have the same problem, (on the side toolbar ) I can never see the rarely used functions, what I can call them from the keyboard.