Pix Pro 1.1 SVG troubleshooting

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2018-05-31 15:21:03

Hello there !

I am waiting impatiently for Vectormator.
So when I read that Vectormator got some SVG functions, I tried them.

Here are my first thoughts.
I opened a 513 kB SVG file (if team needs it, I can send it by mail).
- It took almost one minute to open, using only one core (at 100%) of my 2013 MBP (2,3GHz, 16 Go RAM).
- In the meantime, no progressbar was shown, and as no window was open, I thought nothing was happening (until I checked on processor usage). (And when clicking on Pixelmator icon again, it showed me again the window prompting to choose a file to open.)
- Once opened, I exported it as SVG, and I got a 1.1 MB file.

I will now continue to explore this new capacity of opening and exporting SVG files...

Anyway, I still love Pixelmator for any pixel-related business, thanks for your great product !
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2018-05-31 15:31:38

Any files you could share would be great — support@pixelmator.com would love to hear from you!
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2018-05-31 15:39:07

The file has been sent !
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2018-06-04 09:47:56

Thanks for the file — for future reference, the trouble with that SVG image is the number of layers more than anything else. It has 1618 in total. Performance with huge files like this is something we could improve and we'll be focusing on it over the next few updates.
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2018-06-04 09:50:36

Thank you very much for your feedback and informations. I really appreciate it.
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2018-10-01 16:49:21

Hey ! I can see the work done in the latest release (1.1.5) : the SVG file that took almost one minute to open takes now 3 seconds, and has now the same size when exported ! Great work, thank you very much !
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2018-10-02 15:04:59

Awesome, and thanks again for sharing that file — it definitely helped us with our testing!