Choosing pxm Files to Add As Layers

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2018-08-23 15:32:10

My pxm files are "grayed out," not available for me to add as a layer. What am I doing wrong?

I just upgraded to Pixelmator Pro after a number of satisfying years using Pixelmator. I'm getting off to a bad start on this new upgrade.
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2018-08-23 17:22:59

Hi Mike.

I don't think that you can add a multi-layer file (or a file format that has the potential of being multi-layered) as a single action. Certainly, for me, the Insert > Choose menu item greys out .pxm (Pixelmator format) and .pxd (Pixelmator Pro format).

Instead, either open the .pxm directly (File > Open... or ⌘O) and make changes (you will be prompted to save as a .pxd when you close Pixelmator Pro) or (if you're adding to existing work) open the .pxm file in a second window and copy/paste layers across to what you're working on.

I hope I've understood you correctly and that this helps. If not, post a reply and I (or someone else) will be sure to help.

- Stef.
(chatty Pixelmator and Pixelmator Pro user)
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2018-08-23 17:46:11

Big Thanks Stef for a prompt reply. I'll mess with it more.

When I open a .pxm file and then save it, does it then automatically become a .pxd file? I'll try some stuff.

I have years of .pxm multi-layered files from Pixelmator, and was freeking out when I upgraded to Pixelmator Prof andthey were grayed out.
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2018-08-23 20:06:22

No worries, Mike.

Pixelmator Pro can open Classic Pixelmator files but cannot save or export them.

So, if you update a Pixelmator file with Pixelmator Pro you'll end up with:
The old Pixelmator .pxm file untouched.
A new .pxd file with the changes (assuming you click 'save' rather than 'delete' when you close Pixelmator Pro).

It's up to you whether to archive, delete, or leave the old .pxm in place.
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2018-08-24 01:57:58

THANK YOU! Very helpful. I am relieved.

I guess I'll keep the classic Pixelmator app so I can export some of the old files. Correct?

It's very uncomfortable to be stumped on a problem. I appreciate your response and willingness to help..

I try to help others when I have something to offer.

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2018-08-24 09:34:52

I guess I'll keep the classic Pixelmator app so I can export some of the old files. Correct?
I keep Classic Pixelmator around, but for a different reason. Pixelmator Pro was coded new from the ground up and with an iterative approach to features. The end result is that there are some features that exist in Classic Pixelmator that haven't made it to Pixelmator Pro yet (although they are getting fewer with each release). For example the ability to convert a selection into a shape just arrived in the current version (1.1.3). On the other hand, there are things that Pixelmator Pro has been able to do from day one e.g. non-destructive effects, that Classic Pixelmator may never be able to do.

Exporting to the old Pixelmator .pxm format is not straightforward. Pixelmator Pro can't export .pxm files and Classic Pixelmator can't import .pxd files. So you'd have to use a format that they have in common such as Photoshop .psd files or copy/pasting layers between the apps. Since, much like translating human languages, some meaning can be lost in translation, I'd be concerned about the fidelity of a file that has been converted not just once but twice. I'd start by questioning a workflow that involved creating a .pxm from a .pxd.
* If there's a single feature that is available in Classic Pixelmator but not in Pixelmator Pro, I'd be tempted to create that aspect of the image in Classic Pixelmator then add it to the Pixelmator Pro image by exporting and importing or cutting and pasting between the apps.
* If I'm collaborating with other poeple who are using Classic Pixelmator, I'd take a few minutes, work out the best tool for the job between you and use that (either by all of you continuing to use Classic Pixelmator for the project or by getting collaborators to use Pixelmator Pro).

Last thing... welcome to the community. I tend to try and help when I can, as I place a lot of value on a strong user community. I hope to see you around.

- Stef.