Crop tool confusion

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2018-09-17 22:00:02

I have a PXD file with a single layer that I want to crop and then apply a 1 px stroke to the cropped portion. The Crop tool appears to work as expected (the visible area is cropped), but the original image dimensions are somehow preserved so that the border is applied outside the visible area, e.g.


My expectation was that the stroke would be visible around the cropped part but it's applied to off-canvas region.

My workaround is to manually crop the image (make selection, invert selection + delete, trim canvas), and then apply the Stroke. Is there a way to use the Crop tool to accomplish this instead? Thank you.
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2018-09-18 16:06:45

That should indeed be the expectation. Thing is that cropping in Pixelmator is the same as changing the canvas size manually. The information on the layer that is outside of the canvas is not deleted in Pixelmator Pro. This confuses the stroke function it seems. Thank you for bringing this up.
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2018-09-18 22:18:37

Thanks for confirming!
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2018-09-19 14:49:12

Yeah, the Crop tool is nondestructive for the time being (to preserve effects/adjustments/styles and so on), but we are trying to work out the most natural way to add a destructive delete mode to the Crop tool. There a few things to consider, though, because this delete mode probably shouldn't rasterize and delete text or shapes, while raster layers with styles should probably be cropped and the style should update to the new area. And there obviously effects and adjustments to consider as well... Anyway, for now, you'll need to use the workaround and we'll work on this for an upcoming update!