Stroke Position pop-up menu greyed-out, stuck on “Center”

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2019-01-20 22:21:01

When trying to create outlines around the letters in a word, I used Format > Styles > Stroke, which worked — at first. But when I tried to set the positioning of the stroke so that it didn’t intrude on the interior of the letters themselves, the submenu was greyed-out and stuck on “Center”, which is not how I want it. Is there any way to get it to work so that I can select “Outside”, or do I have to wait until an update makes it work properly?
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2019-01-21 14:29:57

For now, the strokes of text layers can only be in the center position for technical reasons, but you can simply convert a text layer into a shape layer and you'll be able to change its stroke. To do that, choose Format > Convert into Shape. Hope that helps!