.pxg gradients used to import

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2020-12-18 17:53:24

In previous versions of pix pro (pp) I acquired gradients that used to wok fine. But in pp 2.x they are no longer recognized as importable. How can I make them work?

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2020-12-22 11:32:03

A quick test shows me PXG files generally can be imported into Pixelmator Pro, so there will probably be something specific about these files. It looks like they were created with a rather old version of Pixelmator Classic (judging by the Date Modified column), so opening and reexporting them with the current version of Pixelmator Classic would be a great thing to try. If you don't have a copy, feel free to email the gradients over to support@pixelmator.com and we'll try to do it for you.
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2020-12-22 15:57:35

I can open them in classic but am unable to export them. There is no help info for "export gradient" in classic. Has the extension changed for Pro gradients? Where are Pro gradients kept? I tried adding a style category but could not populate it.
% find_file \.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Library/Containers/com.pixelmatorteam.pixelmator/Data/Library/Application Support/Pixelmator/SavedGradients.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/Chrome Gradients/AwesomeChrome.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/Chrome Gradients/BlueChrome.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/Chrome Gradients/CoatedChrome.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/Chrome Gradients/HandlebarChrome.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/Chrome Gradients/IndoorChrome.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/Chrome Gradients/Muted1.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/Chrome Gradients/ShopChrome.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/Earthlight/ForestLight.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/Earthlight/OceanReef.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/Earthlight/RedDepth.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/Earthlight/SteelBlue.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/Earthlight/Sunset.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/Earthlight/TequliaSunrise.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/MetalPipes/Brass.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/MetalPipes/Copper1.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/MetalPipes/Copper2.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/MetalPipes/Gold.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/MetalPipes/Pipes.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/MetalPipes/Silver.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/gso-pack/bars.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/gso-pack/blinds.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/gso-pack/burst.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/gso-pack/circles.pxg
f /Users/timmccoy/Pictures/images/_Pixelmator/PXM Gradients/gso-pack/rings.pxg
(find_file) Found 26 matches for path '.pxg'
(find_file) Traversed 33498 directories, scanning 203643 files with a hierarchy depth of 17 (elapsed=24 secs ).
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2020-12-22 16:24:16

To export gradients from Pixelmator Classic, you can just drag and drop them from the Gradients palette to a folder on your Mac. If you have a large collection, you can also find the entire collection here:
~/Library/Containers/com.pixelmatorteam.pixelmator/Data/Library/Application Support/Pixelmator
To navigate to that location, open the Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder, then copy and paste that path. That folder will contain a SavedGradients.pxg file, which you can drag and drop right onto the Pixelmator Pro icon.

Pixelmator Pro gradients use a different format – .gradients, so putting .pxg files into the relevant Pixelmator Pro folder in the library won't work.
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2020-12-22 18:08:16

No, does not work. With Pro open, or closed, dropping that folder on the Pro icon did not add the gradients. And dragging gradients to a folder and dropping them to the icon or a style did not work.


BTW, Pro 2.0.2 is not provided as an UPDATE on the Apple store. I am on 2.0.1 and cannot upgrade.

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2020-12-22 18:17:22

Could you send those gradient files to me at andriusg@pixelmator.com? One sample file should be enough... As for the update, I'd suggest signing out of the App Store, restarting your Mac, then signing back in and checking for the update again.
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2020-12-22 18:51:51

email sent.

About the updates, Yesterday the App Store would not update and your website said 2.0.2 Pro. today the app store permitted the upgrade to 2.0.3.
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2020-12-22 23:25:14

As I mentioned in the email to you, I Now have many duplicate "collections" of gradients because I was given no notice that they were accepted when dragged and dropped. How do I minimize this list - get rid of duplicates? I'm not afraid to edit the plist for this, if needed.


Ahhhhh, the Elipses (...) permits remove. Much better.

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2020-12-23 00:43:54

Thanks Andrius!
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2020-12-23 08:55:07

No problem, glad to hear you managed to sort this out! I agree that when nothing happens after dragging and dropping, it seems like the action didn't work – we'll look into how we can improve this.