Shortcut for hide/show layer

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2020-12-27 21:34:38

The newly introduced (2.0.3) shortcuts for align objects seems to affect shortcuts previously used for other functions.
CTRL+H is now used for hide/show interface instead of hide/show layer as it was before.
Is there a new shortcut for hide/show layer?
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2021-01-04 18:36:27

Yeah, we shuffled things around because the Hide Layer command had two shortcuts – Control-H and Option-Command-, (comma) and we needed Control-H. The latter shortcut isn't listed in our user guide, but we'll add it and it already works in the app.
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2021-01-04 18:50:49

That works perfectly. Thanks Andrius!
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2021-01-04 19:11:53

by fredej 2021-01-04 15:51:48 That works perfectly. Thanks Andrius!
My pleasure!