Can't open RAW part of JPEG+RAW photos

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2021-01-06 21:06:30

I take photos in JPEG+RAW. After importing them into Apple Photos, they appear as a single photo with a "JPEG+RAW" tag. When I try to open those JPEG+RAW photos in Pixelmator Pro (using File -> New from Photos...), it only gives me the option to open the JPEG photo. This problem persists even after I select "Use RAW as Original" in Apple Photos. Is there a solution to this?

A workaround is to use the Pixelmator Pro Photos extension. Using the extension to edit a JPEG+RAW photo (after selecting "Use RAW as Original") allows me to use Pixelmator Pro on the RAW part of the JPEG+RAW photo. But is there a way to use the standalone app for JPEG+RAW photos?
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2021-01-08 10:46:08

Hey Reed, for now, we don't have a fix for this but we do have plans to improve the Photos browser in Pixelmator Pro and this is something we should definitely fix. I think, for now, your best bet would to use the extension. Is there are a reason you'd prefer to use the standalone app?
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2021-01-08 16:13:54

Hi Andrius, the extension is great and works fine for me. The main reason I was interested in the standalone app was because of the other problem I posted about (I wanted to see if the same problem occurred in the standalone app). But anyway, the extension will work for me. Thank you.