Lens Distortion Correction for Canon G5X Mark II RAW Photos

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2021-01-06 22:57:52

When I open a RAW photo imported from my Canon G5X Mark II in Pixelmator Pro, it appears that there is no lens distortion correction. However, the same RAW photo when viewed in Apple Photos appears to have the correction. But when I use the Pixelmator Pro extension to edit the RAW photo in Photos, the correction is removed. I'm confused why Photos applies the correction but Pixelmator Pro doesn't. Is there a solution to this?
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2021-01-08 10:47:50

The corrections should still be applied – would you be able to share a sample RAW file with us? It would be great if you could upload it to http://upload.pixelmator.com, then copy and paste the link here or email it to me at andriusg@pixelmator.com.

Thanks in advance!