Pixel Paint does not snap

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2021-01-24 14:44:38

Inside pixel paint, adding a single pixel does not snap to the already existing pixels (see screenshot).
Only works when keeping the left mouse button when drawing.

from your product page:

>It automatically lines up each pixel you place on the canvas, no matter how big or small the pixels are. Creating pixel-perfect art couldn’t be simpler.

This is not the case.
(and please add the possibility to add a grid / lines (depending on pixel size set))

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2021-01-25 11:49:07

Thanks for the feedback! Despite its shape, the Pixel tool is still, essentially, a brush. And just like the brush strokes don't snap to one another when painting, pixels don't automatically connect when using the Pixel brush. That said, the pixels you paint do snap to the pixel grid of the canvas (you can choose View > Show Pixel Grid to turn it on), and that's pretty much what we meant in that excerpt.

This snapping to the pixel grid will be less noticeable on larger-scale images (I believe you're working with one in your screenshot) but if you'd zoom in close enough to see the individual pixels of an image, you'd see the tool doing its job.

In cases where you need to have the pixel grid visible at all times, you can turn on and customize the grid. This should help add pixels more precisely. One drawback of an overlay grid, however, is that the Pixel tool doesn't snap to it. That's surely an improvement to consider for the future.
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2021-01-25 20:56:19

Thanks for your answer. Its clear now and I understand its a brush.
Although as a user you would expect that it has snap logic, it because its called pixel paint.
Good luck with improving, overall nice software!
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2021-01-27 08:32:39

Thanks, we'll do our best!