Two issues with saving files...

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2021-05-04 13:34:31

I replied to a comment in the Pixelmator Classic board but since it most-often affects Pixelmator Pro, I thought I would also post it here...

I am having the same problem on two different Macs. One is running Catalina and the other is Mojave. At random intervals, I'll be working away on a file and then it will pop up and say that I don't have permission to be editing the file. The only option that works is to duplicate the file and keep working. This means that I often end up with files that are copies of copies of copies of copies, etc.

The one solution I have found that consistently works is leaving the file that's giving me trouble open in Pixelmator, going to Finder to the folder ~/Library/Containers/com.pixelmatorteam.pixelmator.x/Data/Library/Autosave Information, and then changing all of the permissions for all of the folders/files in that folder to make sure that my account has read and write access.

I have tried everything that I know how to do... Repairing permissions, running disk first aide on the hard drive, deleting Pixelmator preference files, deleting both Pixelmator apps and reinstalling them, making sure that the permissions on every file in my home folder are set so that I have read/write access, etc. Any other suggestions?

I've also recently begun running in to this error in Pixelmator Pro: "The document “...” could not be saved." It seems to pop up when I'm editing/saving a file to Google Drive. I then have to duplicate it, save it to my Macintosh HD, and then delete the other copy that was trying to save on Google Drive. Then, I can manually move the file in the Finder over to my Google Drive folder.

Both of these issues are maddening...
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2021-05-10 10:36:45

Hi! Thanks for the report. Both are known issues but both don't really depend on us. As Pixelmator Pro relies on macOS for file management, any permission or saving issues are most likely coming from the system level rather than the app itself. The first issue we've actually reported to Apple before and the reports about it seem to have died down with the release of macOS Big Sur, so I'd suspect the issue has been fixed with macOS 11. If possible, it's probably worth updating to the latest macOS to see if that helps with either of the issues.