Automator Actions not working anymore

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2021-12-04 10:26:46

Hey folks,

Been using automaton with PXM for a few years now but this year, the actions don’t show their name and don’t change the images… see attachments.

Would be glad if you could help.


macOS 12.0.1
Pixelmator Pro Beta Version 2.2 (211014.1648)

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2021-12-07 13:51:05

Hey Gerrit. I believe you wrote to our support email about this? I can only second our request there — it'd be great if you could share the workflow you're using for this so that we could test it out and see what isn't working here exactly. Thanks!
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2021-12-09 10:22:35

Sweet, thanks! Could you walk me through your entire workflow a little bit? I can see the workflows you've sent don't ask for image input at the moment (they don't have "Ask for Finder items" action at the top of the workflow). Perhaps you're using them as Quick Actions?

As for the default preset names, they have changed in Pixelmator Pro when we introduced the new Presets browser, so this change reflects in automator as well but your custom presets should keep their original names.
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2021-12-16 09:41:35

Hey Aurelija,

nice! Effect names are back. What I'm doing is dropping the folder in the automator action:


The actions do run, but don't change anything:

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2021-12-22 13:22:11

Good to year the action names are back! Not sure why the actions themselves wouldn't take effect, though... The only thing that comes to mind is that perhaps you're looking for the results in the wrong location? At the moment, your workflow duplicates the folder along with the images in it. When you're finished running the Color Adjustments action, do you check the results in the "vivid" or the "vivid copy" folder?