merging layers without removing layer style

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2019-03-24 11:20:09

in pixelmator (classic) when i merge layers, it would merge them as i see them on screen, with layer styles and fx and specifically opacity set to linear dodge.
but in pixelmator pro every time i try and merge layers it seems to ignore the linear dodge i have set and merges them as normal opacity layers.
what am i missing? the faq says merging flattens styles.
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2019-03-25 16:23:55

Hey Dominik, that sounds like a potential bug, could you check the version of Pixelmator Pro you have installed and let me know what it is?
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2019-03-25 18:19:36

1.3.2 prism trial
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2019-03-26 08:50:08

In that case, would you be able to send us a quick email about this at along with the file you're working on? The behavior here should, generally speaking, be the same as in the original Pixelmator, but we'd love to take a closer look at the file you're working on.
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2019-03-26 08:58:27

i have since taken a screenshot and then imported the screenshot back into pixelmator as a work-around, but due to this the version of the file i have does not have history with the specific bug.
however i will try and reproduce the issue and send a file.