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2020-04-06 20:44:28

Is there a way to import Lightroom presets or do any image presets work in Pixelmator Pro, kind of like brushes?
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2020-04-08 08:41:30

I know we already replied on Twitter, but I'll just add this here too for future reference:
Color adjustments in different apps will always work a little differently, so even if we supported the settings themselves, they could produce very different results. For that reason (and some others), Lightroom presets aren’t supported by Pixelmator Pro.
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2020-04-08 11:39:26

I appreciate the thoroughness and responsiveness. Instead of Lightroom presets, do you or anyone know of a place to get presets for Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-04-08 11:49:21

Another poster on the forum recreated the presets from Snapseed manually and you can find those here:


Other than that, I'm not sure I recall seeing any other collections being shared...