Insert image into a shape format

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2020-08-10 12:51:19

soooo this is something relatively easy to do, maybe I'm missing something?

I am drawing on pixelmator and I'm trying to insert a pattern onto the pants of the little girl I'm drawing.

I have tried a few different things but I still can't figure out how to insert that pattern onto the shape of the pants I drew,

anyone know how to?

thank you!
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2020-08-10 13:47:23

Hi Letticia.

I'll give it a go. Pixelmator Pro has a pattern effect that will fill any layer with a pattern. It will fill every pixel that is not transparent on the layer with the pattern.

So step 1 is to get the create a new layer that contains the pixels we want. (Skip this if the pants already have their own layer).
1. Using the Select Colour tool or the Quick selection tool (your preference), select the area that you want to add the pattern to.
2. Create a new layer and call it 'pants'.
3. With that layer selected, fill it with any colour. I use the shortcut Cmd-Delete to fill with the foreground colour.
4. Deselect the area using Cmd-D

(edit: I just noticed that you said 'shape' in your post. The instructions for a shape are the same as for a pixel layer. Just make sure that the shape has a fill as the Pattern Effect will only be applied to areas that do not render as transparent.)

OK. Step 2 Add a pattern. (you need to have the pattern to hand as a layer in your image or as an exported bitmap)
1. Ensure that 'pants' is the active layer and that there is no selection active (no marching ants).
2. With the Effects tool, Add > Fill > Pattern.
3a. If you have the pattern as a layer in your drawing, drag the layer onto the thumbnail of the pattern.
3b. If you have the pattern saved, Click on 'Image v' and select the pattern file.
4. Scale and rotate to taste.

Bonus content. Because the pattern effect is bound to the 'pants' layer, any pixel change on that layer will be reflected in the pattern. So if you want to change or adjust a line just paint (or erase) on this layer. The pattern will follow.

Hopefully that's everything covered. Let me know if you get stuck anywhere or if you think I've missed out a step. (Or if you're using Classic Pixelmator - my instructions are for Pixelmator Pro).

Let me know if this helps?

- Stef.