importing adjustment file, goes blank on closed, iphone app.

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2021-12-28 23:53:45

So I think this could be a bug: When importing adjustments, they will no longer appear when Pixelmator Photo is closed. The tabs will be there but the adjustments are empty. Reimport will show individual adjustments but they will all be gone when the app is closed.
how to recreate the issue: force close the Pixelmator Pro app (bring task switcher and swipe up).
This is on iPhone 13 Pro Max, Pixelmator Photo 2.0.1. There's about 300GB storage free in the 1TB.

I have not tried it on my iPad Pro since it's working, don't want to introduce issue to that device.
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2022-01-08 17:21:48

No one else has seen this? Alright then, it must be isolated to all my iPhones then
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2022-01-13 10:58:59

Hey perkedel. Thanks for the report! I've been able to reproduce the issue and can confirm that it definitely shouldn't work like this. I've passed your report on to the team. We'll do our best to sort it out in future updates.
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2022-01-26 22:41:10

Thank you! I can confirm that it has been fixed in 2.0.5.