Latest fix for filmstrip issues now worse!

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2022-04-13 15:52:58


Downloaded the latest version, which lists a fix for the filmstrip. It seems to have been made worse though. Whereas I was only getting it stuck on the previously edited image, now it’s stuck on just one image, so it ends up getting further away from the point you’re actually at. I’ve ended up turning it off altogether for now.

It’s getting there otherwise though :grinning:

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2022-04-15 14:01:26

Hi Andy, if it's not too much trouble, would you mind making a quick screen recording of this behavior and sending it over to us at so we could take a closer look?
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2022-04-15 20:07:58

Ok, I’ve done a screen recording, but it’s 172MB (it’s the resolution of my iPadPro 12.9). Is that OK to send?

[edit:] I've exported at a low res, so hopefully that's OK now, and sent to your support address.


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2022-05-03 08:42:15

Have you replied to the wrong discussion there? That doesn’t seem at all relevant to my original posting.
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2022-05-26 04:58:00

This problem does now seem to be sorted, many thanks.
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2022-06-01 16:08:50

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2022-06-28 06:45:45

First they added this terrible border around every single picture you display in it so it displays smaller than it needs to, and now they've added a SECOND set of borders along the top, where the controls are hidden, so that you can't even fullscreen A SINGLE PICTURE. And the controls don't even display up there unless you mouse up to them anyways, so it literally takes away from what you can display and STILL forces you to take the extra step to get the controls to appear. Like just WOW.

Even small things like Ctrl+NUM0 to quickly zoom deep into a picture have been needlessly removed... for... nothing.

What the hell are the developers doing with this app??
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Yesterday 13:43:38

Hi JDSharphonsonirak, perhaps you could share some screenshots of the borders you're referring to?