External Monitor/AirPlay Support

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Photo?
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2021-09-18 16:58:42

Nice to see this app supports output to external monitor like stock Photos app does where I can see full screen image on 16:9 monitor and keep toolbar on iPad screen for adjustment. That will be a pro-grade app.
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2021-09-23 14:47:13

Noted! :pray:
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2021-11-27 18:54:37

+1 for this!!!
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2022-01-17 11:11:04


+ 10000 for this too !
An "almost" Mac app version... :grin:
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2022-01-19 09:12:47

Hi! An almost Mac app sounds great but a full-on Pixelmator Photo for Mac app sounds even better! And we'd really like to make this happen at some point in the future. :fingers_crossed:
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2022-01-19 10:18:41

That's smart, we're gonna get impatient now 🤣.
Futur is faaaaaarrrrrr faaaaaar away...
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2022-01-19 11:35:01

Well, future is a relative term, so who knows. :wink:
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2022-01-19 11:45:59

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2022-01-19 18:44:24

Wish it would be in a future release pipeline.
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2022-02-16 02:16:09