Can I select an algorithm when scaling a layer or image?

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2019-03-14 12:11:03

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if I can choose an algorithm for scaling when I am transforming a layer.
I would like to use nearest neighbor, but I can't find a setting for it anywhere.
Google said that holding down Option and clicking ok would bring up a menu where I could select it or something, but that absolutely does not work for me.

If it is not possible to select an algorithm on a transform / layer basis, can I at least select an algorithm for scaling the entire image using image size? Holding Option there did not do anything for me either.

Any help would be appreciated.
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2019-03-14 12:28:14

Hey Dominic, in the original Pixelmator, it isn't possible to choose an algorithm on a layer basis. However, when resizing an image, Option-clicking the OK button will make the app use the nearest neighbor scaling algorithm.

In Pixelmator Pro, there's a Show Details button that reveals three algorithms. In addition, in one of the next one or two Pixelmator Pro updates, we'll also make it possible to choose scaling algorithms for layer transformations as well.
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2019-03-14 12:29:43

I see!

So it looks as though it was working, but I just hadn't realized it.

Thank you!