Create waving flag effect.

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2019-09-02 18:57:31

I make photo books of my holidays every year and for consistency, I have a semi transparent flag waving flag on the cover, with a photo beneath it. For many years, I've used Photoshop elements to make the waving flag look, this tutorial.

Since the last time I made a book, my version of Photoshop elements is no longer supported by my Mac, so I've started using Pixelmator as it's far more reasonably priced than Photoshop for features I use. I've now come to try making the waving flag effect for my front cover and I'm not really sure what to do.

I'm pretty sure I'll be able to recreate something along the same lines, but the names of the tools etc are obviously different. I've had a play, but I'm not that familiar with Pixelmator enough to be able to replicate, or produce something similar.

Is anyone able to advise on how one would go about creating a similar effect to the one on the above link?

Many thanks