Can I get a line at 0 degrees in Pixelmator for iOS?

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2019-10-04 17:17:42


In Pixelmator for iOS is there any way I can create a line that is oriented at 0 degrees? I have tried using the line that’s with all the shapes, but when I zoom in closely it seems like it’s always at a slight angle, maybe tilted by one pixel from top to bottom.


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2019-10-04 19:13:00

Hi Joseph.
It’s a weird one. From what I can tell, one end of the line is always on the boundary between pixels and the other on the centre of a pixel. So a vertical line will always be 0.5 pixels out from top to bottom. It seems like such an odd way of working that I think it must be a bug. As long as you don’t need a really thin line, you can get something like it by drawing a really thin square. That can be completely vertical.
Hope this helps.
- Stef.
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2019-10-05 06:08:57

Hi Stef.

Thanks for the corroboration. I think I’ll use the box method.

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