Using Gradients for Exposure Adjustments

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2020-01-05 15:53:18

Hi there

Is there a feature on Pixelmator that allows editing of an image, say the foreground, with exposure adjustments using a gradient fill?

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2020-01-06 12:40:48

In Pixelmator, you'd need to do this by duplicating the original layer, applying your adjustments to it, then applying a gradient mask to it and masking in the adjustments that way. Are you using the original Pixelmator or Pixelmator Pro?
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2020-01-07 11:02:21

Thanks Andrius - original Pixelmator.

The gradient tool only adds in colour or texture. As far as I can see no facility for selecting an area then applying an adjustment such as exposure.
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2020-01-07 12:05:26

Hi bogheadben.

The key phrase here is 'gradient mask'. Use the gradient tool on the mask, not the layer. Example here:


To do this:

1. Duplicate the layer.

2. Apply the Black & White effect to the top layer.

3. Add a mask to the top layer.

4. Select the mask by clicking on it in the layers panel.

5. Drag the gradient tool with colours set to black and white across the canvas to apply the gradient effect to the mask.


Hope this helps.

- Stef.
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2020-02-03 09:02:15

Thanks Stef. Appreciate your help.