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2020-02-14 22:18:12


How could I apply an effect to multiple text boxes simultaneously? I couldn't figure out how to apply an effect to even one text box - I had to convert it to Pixels. But even multiples of these newly converted pixel boxes would not take batch FX...anyone have any leads?


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2020-02-17 12:53:10

Hey Henry, if you're applying effects in the original Pixelmator — they only work with pixel layers, not text or shapes. After converting to pixels, though, if you'd like to reapply the last used effect to a different layer, you can press the Shift-Command-F keyboard shortcut.

If there's a series of effects you'd like to apply, then it might be worthwhile to check out Pixelmator Pro, the successor to the original Pixelmator. With Pixelmator Pro, it's possible to both apply effects to any kind of layer and, because they're nondestructive, you can also save a combination of effects as a preset to quickly apply to different layers.