Tools from bar are missing and I can't get them back!

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2020-03-03 12:45:19


I've just been working on some projects and suddenly half of my tools have dropped off! I'm missing the magic wand and eraser tools for example and can't figure out how to get them back. Can anyone help please? Currently working on Pixelmator... not the Pro version.
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2020-03-03 12:51:51

Hi Julinka.

I think I might be able to help with that. I was a long-time user of Pixelmator before I switched to Pixelmator Pro.

The tools palette has two layouts that you can toggle between and each of the two views are configurable. To switch between them, use the menu option: View > Enter Vectormator Mode, and View > Exit Vectormator Mode, shortcut key Shift-Cmd-V.

Alternatively, if you've inadvertently removed tools from the palette, you can customise it with View > Customise Tools Palette where there is a Reset button if you want to go back.

Hope this helps.

- Stef
(based on Pixelmator 3.9)
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2020-03-03 12:58:31

I believe Stef is 100% correct. Also, heads-up, I've moved this over to the Pixelmator forum.
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2020-03-03 14:21:05

Thank you so much! That shortcut is genius!! It's all back. Phew.