How to merge 2 photos with gap in between by filling?

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2020-03-03 17:31:50

Hey guys, I have 2 photos with kinda cream but close to white background, I want to merge them by leave some space in between and then use clone stamp tool to fill the gap and use repair tool to repair if needed so the result will be a streamline transition for all the possible shade and shadow in the photos.

I can do this filling method with single photo but If I select both photos, the filling doesn’t work as the way I wanted, it did select part of a photo and fill the gap but it didn’t treat both photo as one so even after I use repair tool, it didn’t smooth out the transition, what should I do?
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2020-03-04 11:01:55

Hi Anakin.

Human communication is a fragile thing. But, based on the image that forms in my head when I read what you describe, I'd be tempted to use a mask on the images and, with a soft brush create a transition between the two halves. Something like this:


(edit) and when using the Clone Stamp and Repair tool I'd make sure that both were set to Sample all Layers.

Does this help any?

- st-3f