can not type tekst anymore. doesn't work

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2020-03-09 21:25:12


i have the problem that it is not possible to write tekst in a file.
I go to the tab T of tekst and select tekst and want to change it. our write something but it doesn't work.
there is happing nothing anymore.

who can and will help me with this.


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2020-03-10 17:26:07

It sounds like you have quite an old version of Pixelmator... Have you tried downloading the newest version from the Mac App Store?
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2020-03-10 18:22:28

yes my version is up to date and contact apple about it and they do nothing
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2020-03-10 18:49:27

To double-check, could you open Pixelmator and click Pixelmator > About Pixelmator to find out the exact version? The latest is 3.9.