How can I create a circular canvas / export a circular image

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2020-05-05 20:26:13

When I search on the web for things like 'create circular image pixelmator' or 'export circle pixelmator' I find lots of examples of how to create circle shapes or cut our circular shapes from images, but I actually need the the image I save to be circular, not a circle with a square transparent background of anything like that.

I can only seem to create a canvas with corners (square / rectangle) and export a square / rectangle.

How can I create an image that is actually a circle, and not a shape with corners, thank you.
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2020-05-06 16:09:45

Hey there, I'm afraid image files themselves are always rectangular — transparent edges are how they appear round in other places. Why do you need the image to be circular? If it's to wrap things around it on the web or in another app, there are probably ways to achieve this.