Adding a texture to a shape.

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2020-05-18 07:37:45

I have a 2D shape, a half circle, that I want to add a texture over.
But I need the straight texture to “curve” to the same shape as half circle.
Can this be done in either Pixelmator or Pixelmator Pro?

Cheers, Jas.
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2020-05-18 07:38:33

Or is there a way to curve the straight texture, so that it takes a half circle form...?
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2020-05-18 13:42:25

Hey Jas, the only way to do this in either app is using the Bump effect, although it isn't created quite for this purpose so it might not really do the job. We'd eventually like to add a mesh transform feature to Pixelmator Pro and it's on our roadmap, but there are a few other things for us to work on before that.