Effects: how can I keep them and CHANGE them afterwards....

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2021-07-25 09:47:54

it seems that effects are to be choosen and added to a picture, but change them or delete them later on doesnt seem possible. do I make some thinking mistakes or is it true what I say?? ;-)
if the PRO-version is different in that case i would upgrade to it...as i remember in PS you could change effects afterwards.....
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2021-07-26 07:30:19

Hey Serge. Yep, one of the neatest improvements in Pixelmator Pro is that the effects are completely nondestructive. You can add, remove, or rearrange them at any point during editing. That wasn't possible in Pixelmator Classic. If you'd like to try out Pixelmator Pro and see how the nondestructive effects work, there's a free trial you can download right here.
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2021-07-26 13:48:02

thats awesome, thank you for your info!