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2020-12-16 21:28:59

I have Pixelmator 3.9.2. now running OS 10.15.7.

Most of my work involves files on chips from cameras. Since updating to Catalina, I have the following problem.

While editing a file, the message pops up:

This document could not be autosaved. You don’t have permission…..

If I try to Revert Changes, I get: You don’t have permission to save the file …

The same message comes up if I try to just Save.

I also sometimes get the Pixelmator dialogue box saying:

The operation couldn't be completed.
(PTImageIOErrorDomain error 2000).

But Get Info for the chips say: You have custom access.

And Sharing and permissions for the files I'm trying to save or revert always says: You can Read and Write.

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2020-12-18 16:46:33

Hey David, could you email us about this at We'll take a closer look at what could be going wrong.