fix an out of focus image

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2021-03-01 02:55:15

I took a photo with my son at the weekend and it would be a great shot, but unfortunately it is out of focus. what is the best way to correct this in Pixelmator? I have tried the sharpen tool but it has little impact on the focus

thanks for any suggestions
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2021-03-09 16:43:38

Hey Matt! Perhaps you could share that image with us? You can share it here or send it to us at — whatever works best for you.
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2021-07-27 02:07:15

Hi - Is there a solution/recommendation for this? I have the same issue.
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2021-07-29 09:03:43

Hey! While it's not possible to recreate details that aren't in the image initially (there's no saving very blurry photos, unfortunately ), you can try enhancing the details that are there. Sharpening the image is the simplest way to do it. Another technique that's a bit more complex uses the High Pass filter (available in Pixelmator Pro). You'd need to duplicate your image, apply the High Pass effect to the top layer, then try different Lighten blend modes on the top layer. You'll notice that it adds different levels of sharpness to your image. You can additionally adjust the High Pass filter or the opacity of the top layer to control the amount of sharpness.