Black shoot fotos

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2020-09-14 10:00:23

I am starting to work with different layers now. I need to get the feel for it.

My objectie is to make blackshoot photo's , an object with a black background.The subject needs to fade away in it. Or look's like it's coming out of the darkness.

Normaly i made the surounding black with the paint brush. It works, but it cost alot of time.

Now i wanted to try to do it with layers. I make a black square layer and made it fil the canvas, than i use the selection tool and capture the subject. I copy paste it in the black canvas. But than i can't modivi the subject. When i make a layer with the modivications and than use the black canvas i keep seeying the modivications i made. Stuf like a rope i erased, i keep seeying the erase line.

What am i doing wrong or forget to do?
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2020-09-14 12:03:56

Hey Jeroen, would you be able to share some visual examples of the effect you're trying to achieve along with screenshots of the result you're actually getting? That would really help understand what's going wrong here.
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2020-09-14 18:18:10

Thank you for reply

Part 1 Starting picture

Part 2 first edits but I can't find out were to hide what I changed. Is that because of the " v" things are on at the right?

Part 3

Part 4
Image At the end I can't edit my picture because its locked somehow. the selection pictograms on the right are light grey. ( Ok I figured out how to get past the lock )

And something what the end result should look like

Btw can we get a preview in the post? I can't see the pictures when I post , I have to submit or post before I can see what the pictures are:-)
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2020-09-18 08:55:19

Never mind i figured it out
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2020-09-18 12:46:14

by Jeroen 2020-09-18 05:55:19 Never mind i figured it out
Woo! I'm sorry I couldn't get to your question in time, had an incredibly busy week with the Pixelmator Photo 1.4 and Pixelmator Pro 1.8 updates.
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2020-09-21 07:35:34

End result
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2020-09-21 08:07:32

Nice work, thanks for sharing it!