Is there a way to simply vectorize an image on Pixelmator?

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2019-04-20 20:47:18


I'm an artist that wants to start printing t-shirts with my art, but don't want to pay someone to vectorize my drawings. I have been trying to get around it myself but I am new to graphic design and I'm still learning.There are still not many videos teaching the things I personally want to use pixelmator for, I mostly see videos on how to edit pictures and that's just not what I need it for. I'd like to see more tutorial videos on how to transform an image to vector in an effective way, I feel like the way I do it takes too much away from my art. Some details I'd like to keep just seem to complicated to recreate on the app.

I was wondering if there's any buttons you press that simply transform the image into vector (might be a long shot but hey, vector magic exists so why not)

I'd like to know some tips on how you guys would do it too.

Here is a picture of my art before and after I turned it into vector myself using the tools in the app


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2019-04-22 08:53:24

Hi Letticia.
As you suspect, there's no big red button marked 'vectorize'. You can, however, turn any selection into a vector shape by right-clicking on it and converting it into a shape. You can then edit it by double-clicking it with the Arrange/Move tool.
I tend to do what you did and redraw most things, though. What mght work really well in one format, may not in another.
Hope this helps.
- Stef.