Color picker keeps adding smooth edge and I can't refine the selection

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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Yesterday 19:36:20

I'm trying to select a color that needs to be deleted but for the love of god... I can't select just the color I want! I'll provide a video that can help the professional pinpoint my mistake.

Probably I'm doing some really silly
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Today 09:15:54

Hey there, you're not doing anything silly at all — the selection preview is just a little misleading here. If you actually try to edit the selected pixels (for example, by deleting them), you'll see the selection has been made correctly and the pixels that are being shown as partially selected are actually selected the way you'd like them to be. I've reported this to the devs and we'll see what we can do about it in future updates.
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Today 09:58:25

Panna, please look at the yellow color overlay when you do the selection — it is precise. The marching-ants selection outline is just for reference and displayed in a smoothed way. This smoothing is an approach to overcome technical limitation of drawing good-looking dashed line for marching-ants animation.
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Today 10:45:19

Indeed the correct color is selected... Regardless the marching-ants issue should be fixed, because it's very confusing and misleading.

Thanks a lot for the help, guys!