Original pic. + Duplicate pic. next each other -> make one picture.

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2022-05-17 14:30:58

I have a picture ( a photo in the Apple “Photos” app) that I want to work on in Pixelmator for iOS. (On an iPad Pro)
I want to duplicate that photo en and put the photos exactly next to each other. That must become one picture that I further want to work on with Tools. Anybody so kind as to provide me with a step-by step method, please?
Many thanks in advance for any support.
Cheers, THX
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2022-05-18 15:17:29

Sure thing, THX! Here's how you can do this:

1. Open Pixelmator for iOS and select Create Image.
2. In the Template menu, tap the Photos tab at the bottom of your screen to browse your Photos library. Find the photo you wish to edit, tap it, and select Import.
3. With the project open and your photo imported as a layer, tap the Tools icon at the top-right of the screen and choose Crop.
4. Increase the size of the crop box so that your photo takes up roughly less than half of your entire canvas and tap Apply. Don't worry about being exact, as we will re-crop the project in the last step.
5. Tap your photo once to select it, and once more to bring up the contextual menu. Then, choose Duplicate. A copy of your photo will appear in the same position as the original.
6. Select one of the photos and drag it over to the side, ensuring that both photos are parallel with each other (Pixelmator will automatically snap the photo you're moving to this position when you get close enough).
7. Select the Crop tool again and crop your project so that it only contains the two photos.

Hope this is clear! Let me know if you have any more questions!
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2022-05-31 09:12:02

Hi simonasd,

Thanks for the carefully crafted answer. Nice to forewarn me in point 4. About not to worry. Very well done!
However, where is point 8?
The question essentially was to make one photo from two resulting from step 7.
If you could add that, it would be helpful for others that encounter the same problem.
Many thanks again!
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2022-06-30 14:03:47

Apologies THX, I seem to have missed your response. Step 7 would result in two photos within a single image - is that not what you were looking for? Or are you asking about overlaying one photo on top of another?